Things to help you get Set-Up In-Game!

  • How to Play Game.

    From the Log-In screen under Play Now type in a random Username and Password that you will remember, But username must be 4 long password 5 long.

  • Player Titles In-Game.

    Now to get Player-Titles in-Game you must go do some Pking, Get a group of friends and go pk in the wild, Every Person you kill gets you 1 kill closer to getting the Title you want In-Game!

  • Advertise The Server.

    If you find the server fun to play, Please Advertise it, Get the name out there and get detected players to join, More people in the game, the more fun it would be!

TrisidiaX Announcements

TrisidiaX Player Clipping - Trisidia

Hey guys,
The past couple of days i have been working on something called Player Clipping, What this does is it makes it so players cant walk through walls or just go ahead and clip through objects, Next i will be adding in NPC Clipping, Look forward for the update to come soon.

TrisidiaX Facebook Page - Trisidia

Hey guys,
TrisidiaX has now an Official Facebook fan page, the fan page can be located at the bottom right of this page, Please hit that like button to show your support to TrisidiaX and to help us get more players!

TrisidiaX New Site - Trisidia

Hey guys,
I Have found a format for our site, it looks like Rsw format but i like it,

TrisidiaX Releases - Trisidia

Hey guys,
Well from TrisidiaX V1 to TrisidiaX V2, Now im sitting here with TrisidiaX V3 on my desktop, looking better than ever and people are begging me to release the V3 to the public, well i have been thinking lately and i dont think ima release TrisidiaX V3 to the public, i see myself going far with this source becasue of all the time and work i put into it, Some people like to leech serves and take full credit, Now what im trying to say here is TrisidiaX V3 will stay under my control.
P.S. TrisidiaX V1 and V2 will stay released to the public.

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Staff List:

1) TrisidiaMain-Owner
2) KingsCo-Owner
3) LexiHead-Administrator
4) JordanHead-Moderator
5) Fast LaneModerator