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Welcome to TrisidiaX!, here at //TeamTrisidiaX we are wanting to Entertain you in the greatest way possible, we are not here so you can ruin other peoples entertainment and call them names and tease them,
To prevent other people from ruining peoples entertainments we have rules, these rules not only protects people, but also the game. here are some of the rules
1.) TrisidiaX Has a level point shop, now what this means is you get points for leveling up and you can use those points in this one shop to buy items from it, Multi-Logging to get Levelpoints easier is strictly prohibited in the server.

2.) Flaming staff is strictly prohibited, staff are here to keep the players from ruing the fun of the game, why flame the people who are here to help?

3.) No scamming, Why would you scam an players item that they worked hard for? Now luring is allowed, Luring and Scamming is not the same. if you believe a player has scammed you then record or screenshot must be taken in order for action to take place.

4.) Adverting other sites/Servers is strictly prohibited, if you have to go onto a server to advertise for your Site/Server, your Site/Server must not be that great.

Well rules will be made when though of properly, Until then hope you enjoy your stay here at TrisidiaX!

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    Chatbox Rules



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    Chatbox Rules

    Post  Trisidia on Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:42 pm

    Well the whole point of my Xat Chatbox is to have players communicate and get along rather than in-game, here are some things that aren't allowed in the ChatBox

    All rules in the "Kick" section are part of a 1 warning system. You will be kicked the first time it happens. If it happens again within a short period of time you will be banned from 1-5 hours. The amount of time depends on the severity of the matter. That is 100% up to the moderator present in the ChatBox.

    All rules in the "Ban" section are instant. If you break any of these rules you are subject to a 24 hour ban from the chatbox.

    All rules in the "Other" section are a kick or ban depending on how the rule is broken.

    Kick -

    (These rules are more common and include abbreviations)

    1) [spam] - Spamming is not allowed. This means if you write random characters intentionally, you will get kicked. Purposely spamming smileys this includes the random one, two, or three smileys at a time that you feel like spamming and thinking it's not ss.
    2) [flood, fluid, fld] - Do not type more then 4+ lines in a row. Try to use complete sentences to the best of your ability.
    3) [Smiley Spam, ss, smiley] - Typing more then 7 smilies in a row is not needed and not allowed.
    4) [caps] - Making paragraphs/large statements with all caps or several small messages with caps is not allowed.
    5) [disrespect, dr, hating] - Blatantly disrespecting other users/staff will not be tolerated. Calling someone fake will result in a kick. If a person says who they are then leave them as they are. However, we understand if you are joking around with friends.
    6) [swearing, swear, dr] - You may swear in general (Example: My fucking day is boring). Swearing at other users will result in punishment.
    7) [pc, private chat] - You may not ask others to private message/private chat to make transitions or to advertise. If it is for help you are allowed.
    8) [30, 30 seconds, same screen] - While advertising your server make sure you wait 30 seconds between advertisements. Also, if your advertisement or another advertisement by someone else advertising your server is still on page then don't advertise.
    9) [trolling, troll, causing trouble] - Don't intentionally make other users angry and start fights. It leads to other rules being broken.
    10) [new name] - Users who do not have a name or has a name less than 3 letters long are not allowed. They will be asked to change their name at first and then will be kicked if they refuse to change it.

    (These rules are less common and don't include abbreviations)

    10) [Discrimination] - Do not judge and/or call out others based on skin color, nationality, or religion.
    11) [Impersonation] - Using the same name as another to confuse members of TrisidiaX is not allowed. Real names are understandable.
    12) [Begging] - Asking for staff ruins your chances of actually getting it and is very annoying. In addition, it labels you as a wannabe. Any begging/asking for runescape accounts, runescape gold, begging for staff on a server is now considered spam. The chatbox is not for you to gain rs accounts and rs gps it is there to help people with their server/webclient/website issuses. Ex. Pm me if you quit rs, anyone have a rs account? can anyone spare rsgps?
    13) [Hostile Acts] - Committing or talking about hostile acts (Hacking talk/threat or DDoSing talk/threat) is not allowed.
    14) [Status Advertisement] - Anyone with a status power with a link or advertisement will be asked to change your status.
    15) [Buying and Selling] - Transactions for anything and everything are not allowed. It is to prevent scamming in the chat.
    16) [Changing Name] - Server names are allowed in your Xat display name as long as the name doesn't say "Come to "Server Name"now!". Having links in your name is not allowed. Also, you must have a name.
    17) [Religion] - No talking about religion, it will lead to an argument. This is strictly prohibited.
    18) [Language] - You must speak in English. The only exception will be if you don't speak English.
    19) [Xat Kiss] - Do not use Xat powers that fill the screen. Using the shark (etc) feature in the chatbox is strictly prohibited. Getting married or becoming best friends with a user is allowed.
    20) [Backseat Modding] - Helping the mods on chat is understandable, but telling them how to do their job isn't cool.
    21) [Arguing] - Please don't argue with a moderator's decision in the chat. It causes fights and it makes chaos in the chat. Just report the staff member in the forums with your opinion.

    Ban -

    22) [Server Disrespect] - Disrespect the server is something i am very strong aganist, everyone has their own opinions.
    23) [Outside Link] - Outside links are prohibited in the chat or site and will be met with a ban. Users are free to show screen shots to other users in the chatbox. An Exception to this rule is and this site is allowed to be advertised no action should be taken.

    Other -

    24) [Racism] - This rule goes with racial slurs like n-word, cracker, wet back etc. NOT ALLOWED.

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