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Welcome to TrisidiaX!, here at //TeamTrisidiaX we are wanting to Entertain you in the greatest way possible, we are not here so you can ruin other peoples entertainment and call them names and tease them,
To prevent other people from ruining peoples entertainments we have rules, these rules not only protects people, but also the game. here are some of the rules
1.) TrisidiaX Has a level point shop, now what this means is you get points for leveling up and you can use those points in this one shop to buy items from it, Multi-Logging to get Levelpoints easier is strictly prohibited in the server.

2.) Flaming staff is strictly prohibited, staff are here to keep the players from ruing the fun of the game, why flame the people who are here to help?

3.) No scamming, Why would you scam an players item that they worked hard for? Now luring is allowed, Luring and Scamming is not the same. if you believe a player has scammed you then record or screenshot must be taken in order for action to take place.

4.) Adverting other sites/Servers is strictly prohibited, if you have to go onto a server to advertise for your Site/Server, your Site/Server must not be that great.

Well rules will be made when though of properly, Until then hope you enjoy your stay here at TrisidiaX!

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    Problems trying to connect to server



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    Problems trying to connect to server

    Post  imRidquel on Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:02 am

    Let me start off by saying my ingame GT which is: D M Z Y

    I am friends with alot of the players, and EXTREMELY dedicated to the server, i made new friends but unortunately i can't play in the server i enjoy the most. Everytime i join through the RSWeb Webclient, it states that i should download the latest client at "www insidiax com" however i tried this but got nothing out of it. Then i came to the
    "www trisidiax. niceboard com/h4-client" however i get the white screen telling me at the right hand corner of the client screen that there was an error connecting to the server, then eventually i was going to download the custom client however it redirects me to Dropbox 404 which means there is no client to download, Trisidia please help and reply on this as i was probably your most dedicated plyer and i honestly love the server so please reply. Sad Btw Yorben how's it going Broooo!



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